Why Should You use a Doula

Pregnancy is a time of hope, joy and excitement. At the same time, pregnancy involves so many important decisions relating to both before, during and after the birth of a new life. When it comes to a birth plan many new parents are under the impression that a Doula is only present at the actual birth to assist. In actuality, a Doula is so much more then that, a Doula’s job starts very early in the pregnancy and will walk the new parents through many important decisions holding their hand throughout this amazing Journey.
This special relationship often starts with a consultation. The parents to be will discuss their dreams, plans, and goals of how they want the pregnancy and eventual labor and delivery to proceed. A Doula is also there to answer any questions that may come up as the pregnancy proceeds. Pregnancy can come with lots of worrying so having someone there for hand holding every step of the way makes the ride so much smoother.

Doula Services will also include discussing laboring methods. It’s important to find a Doula that will work with you vision. There are new moms that prefer a hospital, some will choose a birthing center and yet others will want to try for a home birth. A Doula will discuss all these choices and help with understanding each option to make an educated decision. A Doula will then give prenatal counseling to get prepared. There is no telling when baby will decide to make an entrance into the world, a Doula’s job therefore requires 24/7 availability. From experience they will be able to determine if what’s happening is really labor and if it is then its time to rush over.

Labor is different for every woman. Its intense, its emotional, its painful and its often overwhelming. Having someone there with experience and care for hand holding, assistance and pain control makes the whole experience so much more comfortable. Even after the new precious bundle of joy makes its long-awaited appearance, any doula program services salt lake city ut have more to offer, a Doula Package also includes an additional postpartum support visit to sum up and complete the amazing journey together.

Many people will still wonder why to choose a Doula if you already have a Dr. or Midwife taking care of you and baby. A major point to consider is that Doulas provide support to your partner. Of course, the mother is the one who’s actually doing the pushing, so it makes sense that all the attention should be on her. But the entire experience is also overwhelming for the dad, a doula will remember that in the chaos and be there for both parents through the journey.

Who are Doulas for? Any expecting couple! Weather hospital or home birth, first baby or not, using a Dr or a midwife. A Doula will be there for hand holding and support and everyone can benefit from that. Unlike Dr’s, Doulas don’t take shifts and leave, a Doula is there all throughout and that’s what makes them so special.