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Discover Who is Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano is a popular American fashion designer whose name is known around the world. He was born in Morocco and one of the awesome minds behind the leading fashion company Guess. Through his hard work and dedication to fashion as well, this has allowed Marciano and his brothers too to create Guess, a denim company. After years of struggling in business, they’ve transformed it to a renowned and one of the largest designer brand clothing.

Paul Marciano is additionally the owner of Guess’ clothing line extensions like Guess by Marciano and G by Guess. It was in 1952 in Debdou, Morocco when Marciano was born to a Jewish family. Also, he has other brothers naming Georges, Maurice and Armand and they were all raised in France. After a motorcycle accident, he was mobilized to a wheelchair for more than a year. Meanwhile, he along with his brother worked for their family clothing store named MGA that is located in French Riviera.

Their family however needed to go to US and close their store in 1981, all because of the change in politics in their country. Marciano’s had made their very first line of Guess in the same year. With their broad knowledge of fashion, they were able to create a brand that has fused both Western and European styles of clothing. However, only Maurice and Paul Marciano are running the entire company these days.

Through Guess, Paul was able to developed and at the same time, launched Guess by Marciano, which is a women’s fashion line and also, G by Guess which targeted younger audiences than its dominant Guess brand. Paul Marciano along with being the brand designer of the company is also the main advertiser and mind behind all the effective and the epic Guess marketing campaigns and strategies. As a matter of fact, their company became an iconic figure for sex, adventurous and young lifestyle due to his strong vision of delivering people with upscale clothing.

In addition to that, he is the developer of the black and white campaigns of Guess which is extremely popular even to this date; not only that, their company was the first to use models as sponsors like Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore and Anna Nicole Smith. If you will notice, all these names were now iconic supermodels that every woman wanted to be. Because of the vision Paul Marciano had for Guess, they’re the first company to feature an Asian Indian model for its holiday clothing line in 2013. Actually, this received lots of attention from the globe but also, to the nation where they hire the model.

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