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Uses of Medical Marijuana

Although marijuana has a lot of names, it is mainly called bhang. Marijuana plants grow in countries in the tropics and it is used both in recreation and medicine. A marijuana plant is green in color and has narrow saw-like edged leaves. The relieving effect of bhang makes it effective in being used for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is known as cannabidiol. Cannabidiol accounts for about 40% of the marijuana plant and is used for medical purposes by applying on the skin, smoking, vaping, injecting and other ways. Below are some importance of cannabidiol which is known as medical marijuana.

In order to relieve pain, cannabidiol is used. During surgeries and other painful medical procedures, cannabidiol is used since it offers a relief effect. The reason why cannabidiol is used as anesthesia is that it has the ability to get in the brain and interact with the brain receptors. Cannabidiol can also be administered to patients who are stressed in order to offer relaxation. The medical MDs are the ones who did research and discovered that Medical Marijuana reduces pain and stress.

Cannabidiol is effective in curing epilepsy. Damage to the nervous system can lead to epilepsy. After consuming medical marijuana, the sudden seizures will reduce. The medical MDs are the ones who discovered this after administering medical marijuana to epileptic rats. The seizures in the epileptic rats reduced by about 40%.

Doctors use medical marijuana in treating cancer. Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal growth of cells and can be spread from one organ to another. Cannabidiol has components which reduce inflammation by killing the tumor cells. After administering cannabidiol to a breast which had cancer cells, the cancer cells died. Cannabidiol also reduces the spreading of the cancer cells.

Medical marijuana is effective in curing heart diseases. For instance, doctor use medical marijuana in treating heart failure. Medical marijuana will eliminate the occurrence of heart failure since the heart will be effective in pumping blood.

Medical marijuana is used in treating skin diseases such as acne. A person suffering from acne has a skin which is rough and has pimples. After applying cannabidiol oil and lotions on your skin, pimples will reduce and your skin will be smooth. This site has more on cannabidiol oils.

Medical marijuana is effective in boosting appetite. Loss of appetite happens when one does not crave for food and this can lead to severe weight loss. For instance, medical marijuana is administered to people with HIV/AIDS in order to boost their appetite and enable them to leave a healthy life. Cannabidiol increases metabolism rate and in turn, a person will feel hungry from time to time.

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