Eye Health Is Important for Everyone

If you have vision problems or don’t, you should get your eyes checked throughout your life. An eye exam detects more than the correct prescription for glasses or contacts. The eyes change as we get older and an eye exam can detect problems and medical conditions. An eye exam helps to detect glaucoma as you get older an optometrist must monitor the progression of vision impairment. The optometrist can also prescribe eye drops and pills to slow the progression of Glaucoma. Or if necessary, refer you to a surgeon.

When Should You Take Your Child For An Eye Exam?

Most people don’t realize that it is important to take their child for an eye exam starting at six months of age. This may seem like it’s too early to get an eye exam, but a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist is important to ascertain that a child’s vision and eyes are healthy. After the initial eye exam at six months, a child should have another exam at three years old and at five years old. Eye exams make sure that your child’s vision is healthy. Parents whose children have vision problems may need glasses, and this will help the child be able to see well and learn in school. Don’t let vision problems hold back your child’s education.

Why Do You Need An Eye Exam Every Two Years?

After someone has been diagnosed with a vision problem, they should have an eye exam every year, but they shouldn’t go more than two years without getting a comprehensive eye exam to detect changes in the eyes or worsening vision. People who take certain medications that have a possible side effect of eye damage should get an eye exam more frequently. People with medical conditions that may result in eye damage or vision problems should also get their eyes checked more frequently. Search online to find an eye doctor chula vista ca in your area.

What’s Best Glasses or Contacts?

Most people start off with glasses at a young age, but some people may prefer one over the other. Or use contacts during the day and glasses at night to give the eyes a chance to rest. Everyone with vision problems should have one backup pair of glasses in case the primary pair is damaged unexpectedly. But the choice of which to use more frequently is personal.

Should You Get Corrective Eye Surgery to See Without Glasses

Making a choice to get laser eye surgery to fix impaired vision is a personal choice. People should consult with their optometrist to see if they are a good candidate for laser eye surgery. The surgery is pricey but will relieve you of the need to wear glasses or contacts. If you are a good choice for laser eye surgery and had an extremely high prescription, you may still need to visit the optometrist every one or two years. People with high prescriptions may have a chance of getting a detached retina and will need to be monitored throughout their lives and as their prescription changes. They will need to be checked even if the laser eye surgery is a success and they get perfect vision.