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Recycled Plastic Lumber’s Properties and Uses.

Pure plastic content is commonly used in the manufacture of recycled plastic lumber. Plastic materials which are often sourced from other plastic materials are used to make the recycled plastic lumbers unlike the wood plastic lumber which is a combination of wood and plastic. To achieve furniture of a particular proposed shape, the plastic is trimmed and molded. Through decking, the plastic lumber can be used to manufacture outdoor furniture.

What makes the plastic lumber, preferable for making outdoor furniture it is because it is highly resistant to breaking and cracking. The recycled plastic lumber also barely splits when used to make furniture and other structures especially if the installation was done appropriately. The lumber can be easily differentiated from the natural timber even when used with wood grains.

There are no known harmful effects resulting from the plastic lumber when used in any environment. The recycled plastic lumber barely requires any maintenance and it can remain in use for a very long period of time. That is not common to other wooden plastic and other woods used in making furniture because they often rot with time. Again, the recycled plastic lumber can be used severally even after meeting the requirement that it was initially made to satisfy.

Unlike other materials like wood the plastic lumber can be easily bent into any shape to fit in any space available. The lumber can also be molded to suit the conditions laid out in an environment and can be used to acquire and make the required the materials. The structures generated after molding through the structural plastic lumber are very strong, since the lumber itself is made to remain strong even under high pressure and weight.
There are less chances of rotting and decaying, because the plastic lumber is highly resistant to water unlike wood. However, the recycled plastic lumber can easily deform under hot weather conditions especially for the outdoor furniture. The plastic lumber should not be subjected near sources of fire or hot objects in order to maintain its purpose. Plastic lumbers are colorful and hence saves the cost of painting.

Deck doors are made through the decking process which is one of the many applications of plastic lumber. The plastic lumber can also be used making plastic lumber fences, and due to its strong property, the lumber proves to be a good material to establish fences. Park benches are commonly made of the recycled plastic lumber. Door and window frames are also made by plastic lumber because it is efficient to make secure and safe structures. Other indoor furniture and also garden furniture can be made from the recycled plastic lumber.

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