Orthodontic Treatment Myths – Let’s Clear a Few Things Up

Over the years, there have been a number of misconceptions about the field of orthodontia. Since these myths became so widespread and accepted, it can be extremely difficult to get people to let go of them without some evidence. Let’s check out four of the most common myths associated with orthodontia, and provide some helpful information from your Orthodontist Cincinnati OH.

Myth 1 – Only Orthodontists Provide Braces and Aligners

While orthodontists have taken additional years of school and completed advanced training and residency, there are other professionals that offer these services. However, only orthodontists can call themselves orthodontic specialists and become a member of the AAO. Some general dentists and several online companies offer braces and aligners, but they do not offer the same services, or the same quality of services. It may be less expensive to go this route, but someone who has not specialized in orthodontia does not have the expertise and their services pose risks to your facial structure and your smile.

Myth 2 – Orthodontists are Expensive

Orthodontists with AAO credentials provide a unique service. And also provides a unique quality of skill. Every patient they work with requires custom services, and a custom approach.

As a result, the fee schedule they use accounts for the amount of skill and knowledge involved in performing their services. While simple orthodontic issues may only take a few weeks to treat, more complex cases could require years of dedicated service. While their services may seem expensive compared to a regular dentist, the results will be well worth the expense. Because of the expense, most orthodontists have a flexible payment plan option for patients who qualify.

Myth 3 – Orthodontic Treatment Takes Years to Treat

Orthodontic treatment must be completed in precise manner. It requires moving the teeth carefully, and with control and precision to achieve the right position for each tooth to create a straight smile. Failing to approach the task correctly, with care, or to give the gums and teeth a chance to accept the movements they are being forced into can result in terrible results.

Some orthodontic cases only take a few months to solve. Others can require a few years. It is important to trust that your AAO orthodontist is using his training, skills, and his experience in the field to help you. His goal is to provide you with the best results possible, in the shortest time possible. Forcing treatment to go faster could cause irreversible damage.

Myth 4 – Orthodontic Treatment is Only Cosmetic

A lot of people are under the misconception that orthodontic treatment is purely cosmetic. However, this form of dental care provides a lot more than just an appealing smile. Visually, it is the first thing people notice about orthodontic treatment. However, obtaining an aligned jaw, and an aligned bite improve over all function. Proper alignment makes biting, chewing, and talking better.

Having your teeth aligned also prevents them from butting up against one another, leaving a chance for bacteria and plaque to begin causing decay.

As you can see, the most common myths about orthodontia contain some truth, but the facts are greatly expanded upon, or misrepresented. Orthodontics is a science and an art. When it is approached in the right way, the benefits greatly outweigh the risk.