Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy–Evaluating the Causes and Available Treatment Options

The start of pregnancy marks the start of a beautiful journey for a mother. During this journey, your body undergoes numerous changes; both physically and emotionally as it prepares to give life to a bundle of joy. Some of the physical and emotional changes are subtle whereas others can be challenging to handle. The upper and lower back pain is among the common problems associated with pregnancy.

When do the back pain problems start?

Back pain problems among women start at different times. For some women, the pain starts early in pregnancy and progresses throughout the pregnancy period. The pain could be subtle in some people while in others it may be worse, hindering them from undertaking their daily activities until the baby is born. Also, some women experience lower back pain while others experience upper back pain.

What causes back pain during pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy can occur due to a variety of reasons. The following are some of the possible causes of lower and upper back pain during pregnancy:

Weight gain

Normally, during pregnancy, a woman can add up between 25 to 35 pounds. The added weight puts pressure on the spine, the nerves, blood vessels and the muscles causing pains. Women who perform regular exercises experience less back pain during pregnancy.

Changes in posture

The weight of the growing baby changes the center of gravity in a woman. Therefore, with time, you may start to assume a new posture and also change the way you walk. Most of these changes occur gradually, and you may not even notice them. The changes eventually result to either upper or lower back pains.

Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, a lot of changes in an individual’s hormonal profile occur. One particular hormone called relaxin causes relaxation of ligaments that support the spine. It then causes the spine to loosen causing instability and pain.


Stress is another common cause of back pains. Stress can cause tension in the back muscles, thus resulting to back pain or back spasms.

What are the available treatment options for back pain during pregnancy?

If you are experiencing problems with your pregnancy, you may consider pregnancy counseling services Palm Beach FL to learn how to deal with various challenges brought about by pregnancy. The following tips and tricks can help to ease back pain during this amazing journey.

Correcting posture

Correcting your posture can help in alleviating back pain during early pregnancy. Always remember to have a straight back as much as possible.

Avoid bending unnecessarily

Bending during pregnancy exerts pressure on the spine, which could result to back pain. If you have to pick something from the ground, ensure that you squat rather than bending from your hip or back.

Avoid high heels and flat shoes

Choosing your shoes appropriately can help in alleviating much of the back pain. Wearing a comfortable low-heeled shoe can help in spreading your weight evenly, hence alleviating back pain.

Workouts that helps to relieve back pain

Certain exercises such as walking, biking, and swimming can help in relieving back pain. Also, other exercises such as wall squats, pelvic tilts, Kegel exercises, arm, and leg raises and back stretch can help in fighting back pain.